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Time Impact Analysis Checklist & Critical Items

When performing a time impact analysis be sure to:

REMEMBER, we are using a contemporaneous Time-Impact Analysis procedure, As-built up to point of impact and As-planned (foreseen) after the impact.

Study and understand the scope of the directed change or analyze the extent of the delay being found.

It is important to analyze all documents, field directions, contract clauses, drawings, orders, specifications and conditions that could exert any kind of influence to the expected delay.

Identify and describe the condition encountered before performing the time impact analysis.

Identify all related construction activities that are or could be affected under the expected delay.

After a complete analysis of the construction schedule, determine all related dates, start, duration and finish, for all affected activities.

Prepare a complete set of documents that define when the delay started, what actions took place at that moment, and demonstrate the effects of the delay on the actual updated schedule and how the remaining activities should be altered, if required, to complete the project on time.

The time impact analysis could present you with the overall schedule result incorporating drawings, contract requirements, and any type of document that support final conclusions. It is important to highlight extraordinary measures required to bring the project back on schedule.

Be certain that actual delays are result of the change directive or delay, not from a non-excusable cause.

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