Business Information Modeling (BIM)

Over the last 10 or so years Business Information Modeling has seen a rapid recognition in Engineering and Construction. The ongoing debates to decide if it is good or bad continue in 2015. There is an abundance of information and articles on the Internet tackling BIM issues and subjects from many points of view. This is to be expected as BIM has been placed at the core of engineered construction projects of every type and in every industry. What I never find discussed in these many articles is that the model is only as good as the people-generated inputs. These inputs are "Construction Documents" drawn by humans. Yet there is much discussion on the Internet about the decreased quality of construction drawings over the last 20 or so years. This is because most CAD drafters are not people experienced in Engineering and construction, they are great at manipulating CAD software. This is not likely to change in any significant way, maybe forever. School curriculum for CAD Drafting to the most part do not within the same curriculum teach either engineering or construction subjects.

The net result is building models that are far less that accurate and lacking reality. We also have the second element that is prevalent in all construction projects, TIME and MONEY which will always place hardships on not making errors or catching them before the hit the field.

Types of Analyses

Below are some articles we located on the Internet. They are done by others, many professionals in the new BIM world. Read them at your choosing and draw your own conclusions.

Article Simplified Title

Article Author

2011 Users of BIM.pdf

Modlar Blog

Advantages and Challenges of Using BIM - a Cost Consultant’s Perspective.pdf

Niraj Thurairajah PhD & Dan Goucher BSc

BIM Legal Issues.pdf

Raj Chawla Projects Director, Nunelah Design Consultants

BIM Problems and Considerations.pdf

Juan Rodriguez Construction Expert


Gordon H. Aronson, P.E.

BIM-special Issues.pdf

Gregory R. Andre, K & L Gates


Architectural Evangelist

Growing Pains with BIM.pdf

Beck Ireland | Electrical Construction and Maintenance

Managing Uncertainty in Building Design & Construction with BIM.pdf

McGraw Hill Construction Brochure

Problem with BIM technology.pdf

AEC Magazine Reprint

The Benefits, Obstacles and Problems of Practical Bim Implementation.pdf

Darius Migilinskasa,*, Vladimir Popovb, Virgaudas Juoceviciusc, Leonas Ustinovichiusd

Top 10 Ways BIM Will Help.pdf

red Vector

Top 4 Questions Before Starting BIM.pdf

RIBA Insight Monthly Briefing

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James G. Zack, Jr.
Executive Director
Navigant Construction Forum,
Navigant Consulting, Inc.


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