Work is Stopped
The Clock Starts Ticking

There can be many reasons that a project is brought to a standstill. Safety issues/violations can cause the Inspector to insist that the project shut down. Weather conditions (Acts of God)can cause a site shutdown. Failure to be paid can cause the contractor to stop work. Major change orders can cause a shutdown.

Shutdowns cause loss of work flow momentum with demob/remob impacts, loss of field workers causing rehire and learning curves. Often these delays cannot be recovered and delay the job completion. All of this must be captured in contemporaneous documentation.

Total work shutdowns should be avoided when at all possible.

How Can We Mitigate
The Effects of a Shutdown?

Mitigation Items




Notice Of Field
Work Stoppage

No matter what the cause an applicable Notice should be submitted

The notice should describe exactly where the project was in detail and what consequences are expected. You should also reserve your right to claim more consequences once they become known.

List all items such as return of rental items or cost of maintaining rental items on site. Discuss if ongoing procurement processes must be stopped or reach an agreement on how to handle costs. Discuss site security during shutdown and if this must be maintained, and who will pay the bill.

If winter or hurricane season is protection required and again who pays the bill.

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