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Before you leave the front door of your home office you should have a master (gengeral) Plan of how you plan to build the project. This plan will put your project management, field management, scheduling staff, procurement management staff all on the same page and help avoid running into last minute items that were overlooked. If this is made a company procedure, the plan outline will be ready for each new project.

Once the bid is won, do not jump too fast. Using your master plan and the contract documents, this is the time to go through your pre-mobilization check list. Remember, a disorganized start will lead to a disorganized project. It's now the time to have the management team and the subcontractor management dig through the drawings to locate possible mistakes or omissions or unclear details and have the GC management team look for interfacial (trade to trade) problems. It is far cheaper to find the potential problems before your field crew does.

The process of mobilization is far more than moving stuff to the site. Yoy can see by the sample list on this page that there are many things to consider.

Sample Mobilization Checklist

  Meet with Owner (PM) and discuss mobilization concerns
  Define Fencing, Entry Points, Egress and Regress, Security and signage.
  Determine Jobsite address for deliveries, setup PO box.
  Establish Management and Personnel parking.
  Arrange for Phone, Fax, Internet access.
  Onsite computer networking, 50" or 60" wall mounter monitor to Meetings/reviews, Office trailer with meeting space out of traffic pattern, Refrigerator, Water, Coffee.
  Easy to get to bulletin board for all necessary/mandated signs.
  Necessary site lighting.
  Trash Containers, pickup and handling.
  Material Laydown Areas and environmentally controlled storage.
  Necessary utilities availability and Porti-potties.
  Small Tool Storage for Company-owned tools.


  All activities and costs for transportation of personnel, equipment, and supplies not utilized in the project from the site
  Disassembly, removal, and site cleanup of offices, buildings, and other facilities assembled on the site.
  Repair of access roads, temporary haul roads, and equipment parking areas leaving the project site in the same or better condition than at the start of the project.
  General cleanup and house keeping needed to restore a neat and orderly project site.

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